Come join the "Atlantic Ice Warriors" team and have the best hockey camp experience possible. Our highly-qualified, passionate, and experienced staff will help elevate your child's game to another level and have loads of fun doing it!

Our staff will provide on-ice skill development; passing, shooting, stick handling, individual puck possession and individual puck control, power skating; innovative skating technique followed by high performance on-ice conditioning and off-ice training; learning the value of proper training technique, coordinating three elements of balance, movement and strength.

Our 5-day programs will include skills competitions, scrimmage and banquet. We also offer off-ice presentations which will be announced at a later date. Every participant will receive an Atlantic Ice Warriors Jersey and an 8 x 10 picture of player and coach.

Skill Development Program

August 8 - 12, 2017
Lead Instructors: Ryan Power & Keith Delaney

Atlantic Ice Warriors is offering a Skill Development program where players of all ages and skill levels can improve on their individual talents. Ice time will be structured where players move through a series of challenging drills that take a different focus each day of the camp. Power skating will allow for players to focus on skating stride, edge work, and overall balance. Puck skills sessions are structured with a specific focus that will change each day of the camp. Players will work in small groups in a specific area of the ice. Player achievement will be based solely on their own effort and work ethic. Power skating and puck drills are tailored with a more individualistic approach to learning, as opposed to a full ice “team” approach.

For some groups, an extra hour of ice has been added to the program to allow for game oriented instruction, with particular attention given to positional play for all three zones on the ice. The plan is not to focus on one particular position for a player, but rather learn about all positions as it pertains to the basic principles of hockey in general.

Atlantic Ice Warriors pride ourselves on top quality coaching who have the ability to adapt each drill to meet the needs of each individual player. This, in essence, is what makes the Skills Development program so versatile, and a camp which offers something for all skill levels.

This program is offered to both male and female from ages 6 – 12. The participants will be divided into 3 groups: U-9, U-11, and U-13.

Advanced Skills Program

August 13 - 17, 2017
Lead Instructors: Ryan Power, Keith Delaney & Chris Owens

The Atlantic Ice Warrior team has decided to rename the Elite camp to the Advanced Skills camp. This name change reflects a revamped approach to what our hockey school can offer to young hockey players in our province. The objectives of our Advanced Skills group are rooted in the team aspect, and more importantly, how the individual skill set of the player contributes to how hockey can be played as a team. Rather than progress through a series of stations, as utilized in the Skill Development group, we plan to develop full ice drills that will focus on learning the fundamentals of the sport, while challenging each player to improve on a daily basis. Having fun, while learning the essential skills needed to develop into a more complete hockey player, is at the core of what the Advanced Skills camp is all about. 
In our Advanced Skills Program we will also have controlled games where a high emphasis is placed on game instruction by coaches. Players will have more stoppages than usual where various game type scenarios are addressed. The players will participate in a more traditional type scrimmage on the last day of camp.
The Advanced Skills Program will cover:

  • Intensified Individual Puck Skills, with Specific Attention Given to Passing and Shooting
  • Puck Protection
  • Positional Awareness in Offensive, Defensive and Neutral Zones
  • Breakouts
  • Angling of Players in Offensive, Defensive and Neutral Zones
  • Odd Man Rushes
  • One-on-One Technique
  • Defensive Zone Position Responsibility
  • Offensive Zone Attack
  • Receiving and Pursuing a Body check
  • Faceoff Responsibilities

We are making a conscience effort to address skill development for all players involved within a hockey team.  We realize the need to offer quality instruction for the defense position. We want to address the lack of instruction geared toward making an average defenseman, a very good defenseman. Our mission is to incorporate this skill set during the skill development portion of the day. Chris Owens will take on this initiative for the defenseman.

This program is offered to both male and female from ages 10 – 13. The participants will be divided into 2 groups.

If your child is interested in registering in the Advance Skills Program, he/she must be an “A” player, and/or played in an All-Star Program. The Advance Skills program is for the advanced player and the program will be tailored based on the skill level of players registered.

If you require more information and you are unsure if your child is qualified to participate in this program, please email us at

Female Program

August 13 - 17, 2017
Lead Instructor: Rebecca Russell

In our female camp, the focus will be on individual skills of each player and concepts of the game. During camp there will be sessions geared towards specific skills each day. Players will learn and execute techniques of skating in power skating focused sessions. They will also work on puck skills and shooting techniques during practices develop specifically for each skill. 

The coaches in our program are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the game, especially the women’s game. There will be an off-ice component each day that will help teach you what it takes to bring your game to the next level. We are committed to developing our athletes and their growth on and off the ice.

The staff at Atlantic Ice Warriors are excited about the possibility to work with and help guide you in your development and pursuit of excellence in the game of hockey. 

This program is offered to females only and the age group is 9 -13. The drills will be tailored to the level of skill registered.

Goalie Program

August 13 - 17, 2017
Lead Instructor: Todd Bengert (

We would like to welcome back Todd Bengert as Goalie Lead Instructor who brings with him many years of experience goaltending.

Goaltending camp is a comprehensive program covering all aspect of goaltending including:

  • Proper stance, positioning, and angles
  • Efficient movement patterns within the crease
  • Save selection and proper recovery techniques>
  • Rebound control, tracking the puck, puck retention
  • Identifying the difference between blocking and reacting zones
  • Puck handling, helping out and communicating with your teammates
  • Reading and anticipating game situations
  • Odd-man rushes, breakaways, power plays
  • Off-ice; pre game preparation, in season and off season training techniques, hand eye coordination, stretching, nutrition and mental preparation/attitude

The Goalie Program is tailored for the beginner or the intermediate Goalie and it is offered for kids who are U-14. For more information regarding this program, please email us at

Shooter Program

August 13 - 17, 2017
Lead Instructors: Ryan Power & Keith Delaney

Here is what a player will receive at our Shooter Camp:

  • Approximately 3 hours of ice per day with the goalies
  • Player specific skating – focus will be on in-tight, agility, quick and short stops and starts, acceleration, and changes of direction.
  • Some puck handling, touch-passing and puck-touching
  • Simple static or near-static shooting drills with goalies
  • Game situation drills with goalies – attacking the net low-to-high (walk-outs, pass-outs, and wrap-arounds or points shots/shots from range with screens, tips, deflections and live rebounds or breakaway/shoot-out scenarios.
  • Open Battle Games – players will compete with goalies. This will bring out the competitive spirit of all the participants.
  • Shooters will shoot close to 200-300 pucks and/or making 50-100 attacks on the net.
  • Players and goalies will be matched at age and skill.

To register in this program, your child does not have to be an elite player but must be able to shoot the puck. This is open to both male and female players from ages: 9 – 14. Space is limited and registration is on a first come first serve basis. Number and age of players will depend on number and age of goalies registered.

We offer a discount for extra family members who register.
Please email us at for more details.

These programs can only accommodate a limited number of participants.
Don't be disappointed, please register early!

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